All India Poona Racket Federation  (अखिल भारतीय पूना रैकेट संगठन)

Mythology for sports

Promote & develop POONA RACKET as a competitive sport and regulate in-between youths of our nation without biasness of color & gender.

Get support for an Indian sportsperson from the state, central Govt., Private support from companies in cash or in kind for the continuous promotion and growth.

To pick players from the grass-root level, National Federation had decided to allow zone board (a group of 9 – 12 districts, which help to player of district to reach in approx 4 hrs for all selections, trials, and tournament and due to that zonal/ federation may get more number of talent to choose for all level of tournaments for representation & even we are planning open selection for major internationals. This may be another huge expensive thought to act but we are doing.